Business Model

The primary revenue of the DAO will come from the three core business foundations.

Gaming Guild

The roots of the DAO and also the initial drive will be focused on providing as many Scholarships or NFT rentals as possible. As this operation scales, the need for infrastructure and security grows and as such, an increasing focus on Infrastructure will be spent.


The DAO will design, develop and incorporate a number of tools/dApps for our participants and partners to better engage with the community. The primary and initial focus of this is to provide tools for managing increasing scholar base. These tools should allow participants to
  • Integrate each other's communities
  • Purchase/sell scholarship rental agreements
  • Purchase/sell metaverse contracts
  • View and explore different NFT's and Games throughout the ecosystem
  • View and analyse Scholar analytics and metrics
  • Automagically payout and disburse funds to Scholars
  • Find managers, rent and apply for scholarships/programs
  • Swap in-game tokens for different currencies
  • Swap in-game tokens for other guild tokens, rewards and other products within the marketplace (NFTs, tokens etc.)
  • Co-invest in partner launches and products including NFTs, IGOs and IDOs
  • Automatically distribute and deploy DAO funds
+ much more

Metaverse Foundations

The foundational structure of the metaverse or digital worlds will be primarily engaged in the building of communities, connecting with partners and mapping out the ecosystem.
To that end, we will include various services and functions including education, content curation and a global news outlook to better guide future community members towards. This includes basic information on getting started with the metaverse, educating users on scholarship programs and ultimately providing incentives to those who stay within the growing community.
  • Crypto 101 Education
  • GameFi 101 Education
  • Game Specific Knowledge
  • Community growth and partnership outreaches
  • Tournament/Event hosting