With the growth of the P2E ecosystem and subsequent guilds being formed, we see an entry into the market through the creation of SubDAOs and/or affiliate Guilds. These individual DAOs will be subject to the same rigours and priorities set out in Sigma DAO.
The idea and subsequent inception of SubDAOs or sub-committees was borne from the fact that the scaling ecosystem of play-to-earn games will slowly become unmanageable for smaller communities. We want to be able to incorporate and instill some of the speed and flexibility allowed by staying small while having a large and engaging community.
To accomplish this, once we hit a certain size upon completion of the public sale we will begin to divide our treasury assets into various SubDAOs that are focused on different aspects of the ecosystem.
Subsequently, our SubDAOs will be divided into the following categories:
  • PvP centric guilds
  • Breed focused guilds
  • Game focused guilds
  • NFT focused guilds
  • Metaverse ecosystem building guilds (The Sandbox)
As this continues to scale, we will also sub divide our guilds by region in order to achieve maximum efficiency in both reducing language barriers and payments.